Flip images horizontally and/or vertically.

I know that orientation module in darktable is one of the first step in the workflow. But sometimes I feel the need to flip images to get another approach to my visual taste in the development process.
Like painters taking a different view of their paintings. It would be possible (useful) to include an option of flip images horizontally and/or vertically in the orientation module or an other part of the UI?

I made two samples using bootstrap icons, something like this:

sample 1

sample 2

A shortcut will be useful too, something like:

Alt+H = flip horizontally
Alt+V = flip vertically

Another ideas are welcome.

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Are you talking about a temporary, visual aid only?

I’m not a developer but I assume that it would be a lot easier to add a temporary flip option (horizontal and/or vertical) just to have a different look compared to being able to flip and continue editing the image.

I do use this when using Krita/GIMP just to make sure my brain doesn’t start playing tricks with me, so having this visual aid would be nice.

Yes, the idea is for temporal use, just to get a visual reference, not to be as part as the workflow. But if for an exceptional reason users like to make it permanently, maybe this option must be present in the export option*
*Anyway this can be done with other tools out of darktable. But as an addition to DT would be nice.

Crop & Rotate already allows you to flip the image.

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I just saw it, thanks.

It is so hide that I never imagine the flip option inside the crop and rotate module, I was trying to located in the orientation module or as and independent tool, not as part of a module.

Well, now I’m going to dedicate the shortcuts to make it use more easy. :grin:


The orientation module does support flipping, although there are no UI buttons for it. It’s only accessible through the predefined presets.

I’m guessing that flipping used to be done in there instead of crop + rotate, and it only remains implemented to support old edits that use it?

Care! C&R comes earlier than retouch … if retouch is required use ‘crop’ instead.

But only on the current development version