Flowers with nice bokeh background

Another super fun raw file!

Processed with experimental rawconverter :slight_smile:

Edit: oops forgot to add tghe file!

P1200121.RW2 (18.7 MB)

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DT 3.7

P1200121.RW2.xmp (13.1 KB)

Gimp 2.10.26

Nice colors all over, and blues to corral. Can’t resist…

So, my first go-to for extreme color control are spectral camera profiles, but I don’t have data for a Panasonic G80. So, I decided to try a gamut-compressed LUT profile made from a DPReview target shot, thing is, the closest camera they had was the G85. With that, and the default filmic in rawproc, here’s what I got:

It put a bit more gradation into the blues, but there’s a magenta shift along the right side of the leftmost dangly. Not sure if that’s not from whatever color was behind the dangly. The profile did yield some better gradation in the flower reds, and an almost imperceptible pull of the greens away from the yellow. Not too bad for 10 minutes of work (disclaimer: I have a script…)

A crop to focus on the colors, and 'ere y’go. If you want to mess with the profile, here 'tis:

panasonic-DMC-G85_matrix-dcamprof-lut-gamutcompressed.icc (212.5 KB)


That’s actually the same camera (and so is the G81, the model sold in Germany and Switzerland). :slight_smile:

Done in RawTherapee.


Second take.

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