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Would anyone be able to help me with this please. I am trying to create a certain font (that looks slightly like stich). I have come across this picture and I’m looking at creating the same font. Would anyone know how to achieve this please?
I have posted similar post with regards to this, so sorry if i’m going over old ground.

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There was an earlier post about creating a stitched effect. I tried with patterns and stroking paths without much success. However for a less than wonderful (but quick) effect.

Make the text.
Lock the alpha on that text layer.
Use Filters → Artistic → GIMPressionist the embroidery option to fill the text. Note. No longer a text layer.
Duplicate the layer, remove the alpha channel, apply a default gaussian blur Filters → Blur → Gaussian Blur. Turn layer visibility off.
Back to the text and apply a bump map Filters → Map → Bump Map using the blurred layer as the aux input.

I can just get that into a minute:

Many thanks. Would you be able to tell me the font used please Rich?

That one is called Yesteryear see: Yesteryear Font - 1001 Free Fonts

Thanks Rich.
Sorry, I’m a bit of a noob when it comes to software. I clicked “install” when I opened the font. I have no idea where it has installed to or how to now use it in Gimp.

Your help is greatly appreciated!

I will assume you are using Windows and Gimp 2.10 . The place to put fonts that only Gimp will use is;

Download the zip, unzip it and put Yesterday-Regular.ttf in that folder.

That’s worked perfectly, thanks once again Rich2005

That particular font shown in your first post took a bit of tracking down.

It seems to be a farsi font !F Nastaliqh.ttf which displays in latin as this

…at least it does here.

Try this for a download
and extract the ttf as described earlier. It is a bit of a strange font to use, not really recommended. Should really be an italic version.

Thanks once again. I have quite a few to choose from now. Feels like a school day again with all this learning.
I did see an impressive listing on amazon whereas someone has put actual stitching onto each of the baby comforters. I can see that its not a picture of the actual embroidery as it doesn’t follow the contours. Very impressive

Any with this one too…how on earth do they do it.

Probably some clever Photoshop macro. For Gimp it is going to be more hands-on.

Something like this:

There can be a couple of ways, a selection can be deformed and stroked. Another way, for example the path from the text Layer → Text to Path can be stroked with a brush

Making a tempory brush here; If you get a good shape then export it as a .gbr for future use.

Then stroke the path, with a paint tool (pencil is best here) with dynamics set to Track Direction

Now you can fill in the body of the text with a pattern (such as from GIMPressionist)

Then bumpmap if required.

…and colorize it (bottom of the colour menu)

Wow, is there nothing you don’t know about GIMP!
I thought they may have had the embroidery done on a plain background, then cropped and copied the image and used it on various images. Whenever I tried and copy an image, using the fuzzy select tool, it tends to have poor edges.
I need to “brush” up on my GIMP skills!

It comes with practice and some images are easier than others. That first image “olivia” has lots of jpeg compression artifacts in the background. The best way for that is the Gimp foreground extract, followed by going round the edges with an eraser. Always another way with Gimp, not always easy.

Back to an embroidery font. I still have not found one but there is a Gimp “custom-font” which is not a font at all, it is a graphic alphabet where you assemble text via a script. I have not made one for 10 years (it is very tedious) and still not able to stroke a pattern around a character with overlaps. This is the best I can do.

If you want to give it a try, then the Gimp stitch.xcf file (goes anywhere convenient) + custom_font.scm (goes in your scripts folder) + (goes in your plug-ins folder) is on my cloud storage. Download and unzip.

The graphic is gray and meant to be coloured in to suit, quick animations of the scripts and

There is still interest in custom fonts, there is probably a better one than mine. Ask on

I never realised quite how powerful a tool GIMP was! So much to learn. I tried your script and it works really well

The fonts the amazon example, were done with an embroidery machine. I wonder if there is a conversion tool somewhere to take that stitch pattern and, and turn it onto a font? or perhaps there is a set of these already. As the software for doing embroidery would need to show the pattern. Try Bother, they also make embroidery machines, and the software to fun them. You might find an answer there. (long shot)

Its always worth a quick email to them AdmFubar, thanks!

I found another for you Rich. This one has curved it round the blanket with a really nice font that seems to “sit up” a little bit. Obviously there is a way to curve it, but when I try looking on youtube to an example, they all give examples of “text on a path effect”, which isn’t what I’m after

Feel free to tell me I need to invoice you for this help :wink:

I think what you are looking for is bump mapping to make the text rounded

To make a suitable map can be a bit of an art but for a layer with transparency - text or a logo
Duplicate the layer
Desaturate and lose remove the alpha (transparency)
Blur it and that is the bump map
Back to the first layer and use the Bump Map filter. quick example:

Bump-mapping is one of those fundamental Gimp processes and it is worth practicing making maps.

Of course there are any number of scripts and plugins to assist. This is old but works, play with the settings

gt-bevel download Unzip & put in your scripts folder.

Then next will be following folds in materials, not applicable to that image but look at displacement maps.

No they were not stitched in real, you can see that the letters are not deformed following the clothes bumps certainly because the “designer” is not aware of “Map / displace” or alike

For the stitching, in Inkscape there is a nice plugin called InkStich which is literally made for embroidery, you can just stroke the path instead to send it the machine.

A video tuto example (you’ll find many):

Another one

Hello Rich2005, sorry to bother you again.

Is there a way I can change the font on your bit of software “stitch.xcf”?