Food for thought / RFE - Toggle "reticle" mask display without collapsing sliders

Just something to file away for possible consideration…

When the “reticle” button (for lack of a better / correct term?) image is clicked, it appears on the preview and the associated controls become visible:


For most of them, that’s great. However it would be nice to hide the reticle but keep the controls visible, particularly for Feather and Blur. Visually, the reticle interferes with the perception of how much feather / blur is getting applied. However, when the reticle button is clicked again, the controls collapse. So it’s necessary to toggle it off and on to clearly see the results.

Maybe add an explicit “drop triangle” for the box, leave select / expand as-is, but remove collapse from deselect? Or maybe Shift+deselect doesn’t collapse? In other words, somehow expand the current “hard coupling” of button <–> control expansion to allow individual actions.

Once again just food for thought.


Thanks for the feedback. Actually, it used to work the way you describe, but it got changed after some users feedback. So, I’m reluctant to change it back, as there will be other people who might not like it…

EDIT: as for more controls, not sure about that. The UI is already quite complicated

Well, for me personally (and I can’t argue for anyone else LOL) even if the default behavior remained the same, but additionally Shift+clicking the button would remove only the reticle vs. also closing the sliders, that would suffice. Of course then you’d need some means to collapse the sliders (or just wait for the button click-after-next, but that’s clumsy).

It’s not a huge deal, just not optimal IMO.