Force Writing / Updating of pp3?

(Stampede) #1

RawTherapee 5.4
Kubuntu 18.04

RawTherapee frequently crashes while I am editing pictures. Usually this is not a big deal because I can just relauch it, but then I have to start editing the photo from the beginning.

Two questions:

  1. Is there any way to force RT to write the current changes to a PP3 so I do not lose much work when this happens? I know I can quit & relaunch the program, or flip to the next file in the filmstrip. I’m hoping there’s a keyboard shortcut though that would take less time than these methods.

  2. Is there a crash log somewhere that I should be sending to the devs when it crashes to help them? I do not know how to reproduce the crashing. It seems to happen whenever it feels like it I could be adjusting any number of different sliders, contrast curves, all kinds of different stuff. So I am not sure if they’d be interested in my crash logs, if they even exist.

(Morgan Hardwood) #2
  1. Ctrl+shift+s will immediately save the PP3 to wherever it normally would.
  2. You make a log using GDB and a debug build, simple steps explained here:
    Report bugs in GitHub, not in the forum.