foreground select broken in GIT version?

(Helmut Jarausch) #1

HI, I have the GIT verision (2019/01/12) on my GenToo Threadripper machine installed.
The Foreground Select tool seems to hang.

Having marked some foreground and some background control points, the selection is shown very fast
BUT only the preview window. G’MIC show its ‘busy bar’ but takes nearly no CPU time (0.7%)
and DOESN’T finish (I have killed it after more than 20 minutes real time on an idle machine).

Is this bug known or am I missing something?

Many thanks for a hint,

P.S. It’s a 5312 x 2988 pixel image. My machine has 16 cores and 64 GB RAM


Moin, Helmut,

My g’mic version is one day older than yours,
i.e. it is a v2.4.5 (current stable), and everything looks OK here:

Nice set-up you have :-). I wanted a Threadripper when it was launched,
but it was far too expensive, so I “just” got its kid brother, a Ryzen 7 2700X.
What graphics card do you have? Mine is an Nvidia, which means that certain
distros dislike my rig.

Claes in Lund, Schweden

(Helmut Jarausch) #3

It was my silly fault.
Sorry for the noise,


I am curious what the silly fault was. It is okay to make mistakes. Perhaps we can learn from you.

(Helmut Jarausch) #5

After the preview looked OK(having pressed the space bar) I pressed the OK button again without pressing RETURN.
Since the progress bar looked like G’MIC is busy I was waiting for it to finish.
Perhaps the interface could be changed that such an error is signaled (like a warning when pressing the
OK button after having pressed the space bar)

(G'MIC staff) #6

What I don’t understand is how you have been able to press the OK button while the filter was running.
When a filter is running, the OK button is disabled :

If I try to click on it while the filter is running, nothing happens.