Format of the timestamps in darktable's sidecar files [explained]

This is plain curiosity, combined with ignorance; darktable writes the export date and time into exported files as IFD0:ModifyDate, which is a really nice habit.

But in darktable’s XMP sidecars, there are three scary, 17-digit timestamps, that make Unix timestamps, if this is the right term, look like a childish joke.

2023 years is, allegedly, 63839713896 seconds. How are darktable’s stamps made?

Sorry for the noise and thank you in advance!

dt XMP fields are binary blobs, i.e. not human readable. In this case, IIRC, it’s probably just a binary dump (or some other encoding of) of a tm struct.

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Thank you, Miloš, this is all I needed. Have a nice evening!

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