Forms we do not often see

On my walk today in beautiful weather I passed this root of a fallen tree. It was quite difficult to photograph because the background was in bright sunlight while the root was shaded by trees.
But I like the result showing the wonderful organic shapes very much.


Ha ha, I had the document form in mind. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Me too. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Perhaps shapes would have been clearer :wink: . I am not a native speaker (and writer).
But maybe we should have a category “Forms we don’t like to see”.

Please mark the image as drastic/causing harm/whatever - that’s something nobody wishes to see

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Very nice image and edit :clap:

It reminds me the work of polish/brazilian sculptor and ecological activist Franz Krajcberg.


It has something surrealistic. It reminds me to the work of Max Ernst.

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Actually, it reminds me somwhat of the worlds of the game Samorost.

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I found the subject so beautiful that I took another shot yesterday with a tripod. This way I was able to merge two exposures in GIMP. Overall, there is much less noise in the shadows. Even zooming in to 100% is possible, though the transition from shadow to bright light is still a challenge. I like the cobwebs.

100% crop:

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I remember playing 1 and 2; don’t remember if I got to 3. Machinarium was good too.

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