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I’m new to the forum (RawTherapee) and have noticed that some posts are displayed in black type and others are displayed in gray type. My initial thoughts were that a black topic was one that I had not read. I tried to read a few to turn them gray. Some turned gray and some didn’t. Why are some posts black and others Gray?

(Morgan Hardwood) #2

Maybe it means they were updated or edited since you read them.
@patdavid ?


If that is true, wouldn’t that mark the topic as “new” or move the topic to the top of the forum?


I think you have to be in the topic for for longer than a certain period of time for it to be marked as read. Something like 4 seconds? I’m not sure if it means per post, or what.


I figured it out. I have to scroll to the bottom of a post to turn it gray.

(Pat David) #6

The forum keeps track of where you are in a post. The dark/black text means that you haven’t finished reading that topic. Once you scroll to the bottom of the post, the forum will consider it read (until there is a new post), and the text will appear grey to you.

If a new post is made in a topic, then it will float up to the top of the list (and appear black text again to you).

(Pat David) #7

It will also remember where you left off in a longer topic, and return you to the first unread post since your last visit.