Free testpage for color printer


does someone know a downloadable free test page for color printers?


What would you like it to test?
Please note that each run not only depends on your printer, but also on the specific ink and paper you use.

Here is a good start:

And here are more:

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

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Here is another test image. The book by Steinmüller & Gulbins “Fine art printing for photographers” gives a detailed description, how the various parts should look like.




There have already been several links to “free as in beer” test images. I wonder if there are some that would be “free as in floss”, i.e., come with a truly free license.

Since such test pictures usually contain pictures of several models to account for different skin tones, I wonder as well how a free license would look like that accounts for proper model releases, since different rights are in effect here compared to, e.g., software.