Freeze Frame Compositing?

(Learn Better) #1

Hi all.

I created a freeze frame effect but I could’t view it properly. I’m new to Natron. I did this just like in Nuke but didn’t work in Natron. What could be the problem? I need help. Here is the video demonstration:

(Mikhail) #2

Hi I think you have three way to do this

  1. Set On - option Premult - inside RotoPaint
  2. Add node Premult after your frameRange node
  3. Or change in side Merge1 - mode to Matte then Over

(Learn Better) #3

Thank you very much Mikail. It works now. I wish Natron gets enough developers to go on.

(Mikhail) #4

It’s great! I think natron community can upgrade it, for example in pipeline part and make it more friendly and easy for artist.