From neutral profile to postcard look in a few steps

Here is a raw I shot some years ago at spanish atlantic coast. Camera was a Nikon D700 and lens a Nikkor Ais 4.0/200 mm at f8. This lens has a lot of internal reflections, which makes images look quite flat.

First a screenshot from RT using neutral profile. Really flat and boring:

In next screenshot I enabled Auto-Matched curve:

Better, but still flat caused by the internal lens flare.
Then I enabled RT dehaze module to give the image a postcard look

Now, let’s have a look at the details of the postcard look at 100 %

A bit unsharp, so let’s simply enable capture sharpening, Here we go:

Here’s the raw to experiment: D700_20140722_4512.NEF (14.0 MB)


Now I want a postcard from @heckflosse. :stuck_out_tongue: I would put it on the wall. :framed_picture:

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Nice tutorial indeed!

Most of all thanks a lot for the NEF, so that we can experiment ourselves :slight_smile:

Could this end up as a tutorial page on RT’s website? It could be helpful for new users.

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Speaking of input profiles………:blush:.
This is what you get using the neutral processing profile and one of your cameras DNG landscape profiles (tone curve, look table and baseline boxes checked).
No dehaze and sharpening yet.
What do you think?

love it