From this winter. Kitchen stuff at 2:1.

These were shot with a reversed 40 year old lens, the Sigma Mini Wide II 2.8/28.

A brown sugar grain

A coffee grain

Salt and pepper grains



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Great photos. Have you tried with a silver teaspoon (out of focus) in the frame? Might look interesting.

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I tried with a fork. Not silver, though, I’m not rich.


In India, almost all of us have a tiny silver spoon as part of the ensemble to worship our deity in the form of an idol. OK, some people have a copper spoon instead!

In Romania only the rich (and nobles of old) use silver cutlery.

For the common folk, stainless steel cutlery is just fine. Myself, I prefer eating my soup with a carved wooden spoon, but I’m kind of a pleb…