Ftblockdn ab bishrink?

I’m processing huge amount of 4k raw video frames with Rawtherapee commandline, and I’m suddenly getting the message “Ftblockdn ab bishrink” in the cmd terminal output after a couple hours of running it. Is this reason to be concerned that something is going wrong or file a bug report, or should I ignore this? It just seems weird as it only appeared after a while of it running or something. The output images seem fine at a glance.

It’s either a debug message that should have been removed or a normal message that should only show up with verbose enabled. In either case, it does not indicate any problem.

@waveluke @Lawrence37

I removed this message (and another).
I keep them only with verbose = true


Are you saying that this was a harmless bug that you fixed?

It wasn’t even a bug, just some update information.

I’m curious what it means, and am still confused why it sometimes shows and sometimes doesn’t even though I’m running commands with identical settings.

When developing an algorithm, it is often necessary for development to follow the process, to see if everything is going normally.
In this case “Ftblockdn ab bishrink” is used when denoise chrominance is activated and “aggressive” is used, whether with “main Noise reduction” or “Local adjustments denoise”


Ah, now the inconsistancy of it makes sense, some video clips shot at night I was applying aggressive NR, and others it wasn’t necessary.

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