Fuji styles, a problem

I’ve downloaded the darktable-fujistyles.tar.xz, extracted as normal and imported the styles into darktable.
In lighttable i highlight the raf file and apply a style, then in darkroom, the history stack has the new tone curve on, input colour profile on and base curve off.
But the imput colour profile is not there. (all other dtstyles work fine).

I am running an ubuntu 16.04 LTS system, darktable was installed using Pascals ppa.
@Claes has a topic about the darktable-lut missing and a solution on a git hub install.
So do I need to somehow enable this lut or darktable-chart.

Please note I’m not a computer expert :grin: so please keep it simple :grin:


  1. This is not an official darktable support forum.
  2. You should link to to the darktable-fujistyles.tar.xz (No body knows where you’ve downloaded it.)
  3. What is your darktable version? (Afaik there was an update yesterday.)

Hi Keith!

What? Keep things simple??? :sob: Ah well…

First of all, the oddity I reported the other day has nothing to do with what you have encountered.

Now, Keith, I am not certain that I understand what effect you are after/or what you are missing. Let’s see if we can straighten things out. Please perform these actions:

  • In DT/lighttable: left-click on a colourful RAF to select it.
  • In history stack: double-click discard (so that we know where we are).
  • In styles: double-click fuji monochrome-like. The image becomes monochrome, right?
  • Goto darkroom: the image is still monochrome, right?
  • Now, keep an eye on the histogram while performing the next steps:
  • In history: click 0-original (the image gets its colours back, right?).
  • Click 1-orientation…
  • … 2-sharpen …
  • … 3-base curve… (the histogram changes, right?)
  • … 4-color checker lut (the image goes monochrome, right?)
  • … 5-tone curve (the image gets lighter, right?)
  • … 6-input color profile
  • … 7-base curve (off)

What from your expectations are you missing?

input color profile just after discard:
profile: standard color matrix
gamut clipping: off

input color profile after monochrome:
profile: standard color matrix
gamut clipping: linear Rec2020 RGB

Have fun!

@Tobias The link to darktable-fujistyles can be found on one of the official darktable pages.

@Tobias I know this isn’t an official darktable support forum, they do not have one. being a member of the community, I just asked for help.
I downloaded from the link in this topic Color Manipulation with the Colour Checker LUT Module - #6 by patdavid
I’m on darktable 2.0.5 the latest

@Claes yes keep thing simple :sunglasses:
Thanks for your reply,
in lighttable I left click on a colourful raf to select it.
double clicked discard.
double clicked monochrome, the image does not turn monochrome.

in darkroom 1-orientation
3-base curve- histogram changes
4- colour checker lut - Do not have this
5- tone curve- yes image gets lighter
6- input colour profile
7- base curve off - image gets duller.

input colour profiles same as both of yours.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Aha! I think I know…
I have not downloaded DT 2.0.5, since I compile my own DT from github
(actually, that is not complicated at all).

Presumably, the Colour checker LUT module is only available from github, so far.
Give me a few minutes and I’ll check… Be right back…

Checked: looks like Color Checker LUT is one of the goodies that they want to save for version 2.1.0.
But, as said above: you can get it today if you compile the github version of DT yourself. It’s dead easy :slight_smile:

Colorchecker lut is only available in the development version and is not in any release, AFAICT new modules are only released with major version releases (so next 2.x instead of next 2.0.x)

A big thanks for that, I thought that might be the case :disappointed:
I’ll look into compiling.

Again a big thanks.

Robert Hutton has a darktable youtube video, compiling from source, I will check that out.

Here are the DT compile instructions that I normally follow:
First, check the dependencies that you need:

Then it is time for

Decide what branch you would like to climb; I use the Master branch, which means that I would give the command

git checkout master

Have fun!

PS: actually, it is dead easy to git and to compile Darktable, Rawtherapee and g’mic.
The Gimp is easy to git and compile, but fixing all dependencies were somewhat time consuming.

Before you try to compile your one darktabel make a backup from “~/.config/darktable/”. Darktable is not backwards compatible and if you want to go back to the stable branch you need to your old config dir.

Same applies to the XMP files. Once an image was edited in a development version that sidecar file can’t be read by older releases.

Thanks to the encouragement and help from @Claes I compiled darktable from github a few days ago. (Thanks for the PM).
Remarkably easy :sunglasses:
So far everything is running fine :grinning:

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