Fujifilm GFX raw files wanted

Fujifilm GFX sensors produce apparently cropped raw files when in “35mm crop” mode.

I kindly ask those who own or have access to GFX 50R, 50S, 100, or 100S to verify that the crop mode indeed produces smaller files and supply samples to our raw database.

I can indeed confirm that the raws have different sizes, based on samples I’ve seen while trying to find a fix to decode them in RawTherapee. See e.g. Support Fuji GFX50R files shot in 35mm mode and GFX100 16-bit compressed files · Issue #5574 · Beep6581/RawTherapee · GitHub

I can’t share these (private) files unfortunately.

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I just uploaded a few sample files from my Fujifilm GFX 50s at raw.pixls.us. Maybe I messed up the filenames, but the content should be clear to fix it. There should be each one file for …

  • full RAW, compressed
  • full RAW, uncompressed
  • RAW cropped to 35 mm by camera, compressed
  • RAW cropped to 35 mm by camera, uncompressed

Hope it helps. At the moment darktable and RT can’t handle the cropped versions propperly :frowning:

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Please also open a dt camera support request for this specific mode.

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