Fujifilm X-Pro3 RAW/RAF files have a thin black border on one side X-Trans sensor

Hello to my dear RawTherapee Developers and photographic community!

My first post has to start in saying that, looking back 25 years of photography experience back from the days of analogue slide film, how happy I am with the usability and vast options of Raw Therapee free software. On each and every of your gravestones in the far far futures will be a colourful cloud of karma protecting you and inspiring us to make nice little pieces of art in the world.

I will now start with my first question, I use an XPro3 (pretty new firmware v1.2) in normal settings with full native X-trans sensor resolution the RAW (.RAF) files have a small black border on one side. The border is about a 100 pixels orso wide. All raw (RAF) files are affected without exception. I do Not have this problem with my Canon RAW files.

Some more info:
The JPG produced in camera are 6240 x 4160, while RawTherapee sees 6262 x 4126 pixels in the raw RAF files.

A landscape oriented picture has the black border on the right.
A portrait oriented photo has the black border on the top.

Any chance this can be fixed in the next version of Raw Therapee?
Maybe I could upload sample RAF files here for you to inspect this problem?

Hi @Eftegarie

Which RT version do you use? In RT dev builds there should be no border for your files.

Hello! Raw Therapee version 5.8

Just checked with a RAF from dpreview in the latest RT dev from RTW64NightlyBuilds/ – Keybase.pub

even with border set to zero no black pixels appear

FXP31599.RAF (30.8 MB)

Strange, how about on this RAW file? Do you have a thin black border on the right? I have in RT 5.8!

No black line in RT 5.8-3056-g40827955c.

Nothing black, you need the dev version
I used RT 5.8-3049-gd053f0245_W64_generic_210919.7z

Are the black bars only fixed in 5.8.XXX and but not in 5.8.000 ?
In other words: What is wrong with version 5.8?
(I only very recently downloaded it so I think I already have the newest version?)
How/where can I check the exact precise version nr of my current RawTherapee?

RT 5.8 was released in February 2020, the X-Pro3 only a few weeks before.
It always takes some time for the developers to integrate new cameras

I see… Thanks!

How/where van I see the exact (5.8.0XXXXX) version of my current RT program?

Is there an in program update button or should I just download the newest version and install it over the previous version? (I don’t want to lose my program settings).

You can download the zip and simply extract it into the RT program folder

So I just unpack in root folder and all my settings will stay intact? nice!



Which one of these should I unpack in to the program folder?
I have Intel i7 - 8086K processor

There are many different Intel I7 processors.

You mention being on windows, I’m not but this page shows how you can get more detailed info about your CPU when running Windows 10: How to See What CPU Is In Your PC

The number shown (i7-4790 in the first image of that How to see… page) is the info you want. Search for that number on this Intel i7 Wiki site List of Intel Core i7 processors to get the codename (that would be Haswell for the 4790 example). Link the found name with one of the available RawTherapee downloads.

If yours isn’t available or if this is too much of a hassle you can always choose the generic version, which should run fine on a Windows machine. The others are fine-tuned towards a specific Intel line/processor and might be a bit faster/efficient.