Fujifilm X-T3 Support Tracking / Discussion

(Isaac “Ike” Ah Loe) #1

So in another thread related to Rawtherapee a user submitted some raws to raw.pixls.us (awesome)

I added a camera support bug here: https://redmine.darktable.org/issues/12346

Making thread to discuss initial support and anything else that might be needed afterwards like noise profiles etc

Note: Rawtherapee dev build actually has initial support now if anyone needs a FOSS holdover for their X-T3 RAFs

(Isaac “Ike” Ah Loe) #2

Initial comment from a dev: “Needs adobe dng converter release”

So looks like it’s on hold. Can anyone explain this comment and why that is needed first?

(Mica) #3

The person who left the comment is here, @LebedevRI, perhaps he will answer.

Also noise profiles would be a separate issue. If you have the X-T3, please shoot the necessary raw files for noise profiles. If you can’t process them, post theme here and I’ll process them.

(Roman Lebedev) #4

As insisted by @darix, i have checked the X-T3 raws 90 minutes after the camera announcement,
and they decoded fine, but if there is no color matrix, the dt support (as opposed to just the
raw decoding support) can’t be added… And adobe dng converter is where the matrices originate :confused:

(Isaac “Ike” Ah Loe) #5

Thanks for that explanation!

(Stefan Weiberg) #6

If you can tell me how to do those I can provide them tonight after work.

(Mica) #7

It is described here: https://pixls.us/articles/how-to-create-camera-noise-profiles-for-darktable/

(Stefan Weiberg) #8

Thanks for the tutorial. Couldn’t do it yesterday but I will try tonight. I will see if I can use my bright LED lights to get some decent overexposed whites and underexpose the shutter enough to produce deep blacks.

(Roman Lebedev) #10