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(Isaac “Ike” Ah Loe) #5

Thanks for that explanation!

(Stefan Weiberg) #6

If you can tell me how to do those I can provide them tonight after work.

(Mica) #7

It is described here: https://pixls.us/articles/how-to-create-camera-noise-profiles-for-darktable/

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(Stefan Weiberg) #8

Thanks for the tutorial. Couldn’t do it yesterday but I will try tonight. I will see if I can use my bright LED lights to get some decent overexposed whites and underexpose the shutter enough to produce deep blacks.

(Roman Lebedev) #10

(Isaac “Ike” Ah Loe) #11

hey Stefan did you have any luck with noise profiling? may try on the next cloudy day if you haven’t had the chance. Would just using an led behind my dual layered softbox (instead of the sky on a cloudy day) work well for the pictures needed?

By the way so thankful to have the initial support. Being able to pull up shadows has been so helpful since i take a lot of low light punk shows and stuff

(Andreas Schneider) #12

I panned to do noise profiling with @darix next week. I have some ideas for stencils I wanted to test anyway :slight_smile:

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(Isaac “Ike” Ah Loe) #14

Any update? i have a thousand of low light photos to edit from a garage punk music fest, and noise profiles would be awesome, did you already test out any noise profiles? I may try today i have some black construction paper and some time

(Andreas Schneider) #15

I had an idea for creating a noise profile. I’ve just performed some handicraft. You need the following files for that:

and white.png

and buy thick black paper!

You need to set the lens tho manual mode and focus to infinity. I started at f/1.8 and stepped down to f/4.0 that it isn’t too blurry. Then make the picture dark and make it brighter till the white from the monitor is overexposed, then start creating a picture for each ISO value.

However the result doesn’t look that bad.

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(Andreas Schneider) #16

I’ve updated the howto on the website, as the results look great.

(Andreas Schneider) #17

@darix and I just created noise profiles for the XT-3 …

If someone wants to try it:


darktable --noiseprofiles /path/to/presets.json
(William) #18

Nice, the updates look like a really good improvement to making the process easier to follow. Great stuff :slight_smile:

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(darix) #19


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Is it possible to use the embedded opcodes for lens corrections with Fuji raw files? The lensfun profiles are not as nice for some popular lenses, like the 18-55mm.

(Andreas Schneider) #21

Then create better profiles :slight_smile:

It’s an open source project, you can contribute to it …

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(darix) #22

Do you know how to interpret the opcodes?


Sorry, I can’t help with this, plus I don’t have a Fuji camera, but was interested in this as a theoretical problem. I know that Brian Griffith (Iridient X-Transformer) managed to do so because the linear DNG’s his X-Transformer produces can be used in darktable or RawTherapee and give better results in this respect.

(darix) #24

Well maybe contact him and ask if he would share the needed informations with us so we could implement it.

(darix) #25

DT WB presets also done https://github.com/darktable-org/darktable/pull/1892

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(Christian) #26

Hey there, my first post here… :wink:

I made up some dtstyles for the X-T3 (XTrans IV Sensor) Film Simulations. This was my first time doing something like this - so if you find something wrong: Please let me know. :slight_smile:

Feel free to share! --> https://seafile.cbartsch.net/f/288cbb909d284f52a52c/?dl=1