Function documentation in Script-Fu Scheme

I can’t find a way to lookup what arguments a function expects in Script-Fu Scheme. Or a function’s docstring. I just want to find basic information about available functions.

There is the Procedure Browser but that’s for GIMP-specific functions.

Is there something like (help function-name)? Developing useful Scheme-Fu without this has been frustrating.

Functionally it is a subset of R5RS. The subset is described here.

You can also write scripts in Python.

Your link, the TinyScheme manual is very barebones. It only names functions, and is satisfied without telling you what arguments they need:

 As per R5RS, plus String Ports (see below).
 current-input-port, current-output-port,
 Library: call-with-input-file, call-with-output-file,
 with-input-from-file, with-output-from-file and
 with-input-output-from-to-files, close-port and input-output-port?

I can reference the R5RS spec, is that what Scheme Script-Fu authors resort to as well?

Also, TinyScheme has functions not in the R5RS, I suppose those are simply unknowable.

 (not R5RS).
 String Ports: open-input-string, open-output-string, get-output-string,
 open-input-output-string. Strings can be used with I/O routines.