Further improvement in plot tab

Hi all,

I have just seen and appreciated (really!) the new feature in the plot tab, that is the possibility to deselect frames by right clicking on the graph.
That’s awesome, extremely useful in my opinion.
One more feature that comes to my mind would be displaying the frames (and selecting them in the frames list) by left clicking them in the plot graph.
Would it be useful in your opinion?

Thanks for your great work!

Humm. Sorry but I think it is not a good idea. In plot tab, we only want to “play” with data, regarding the displayed value. If we want in tge same time to display the image it is possible to open the frame list window. In one click you can do both: display and (un)select an image.

However, thanks a lot for your feedback.

To understand what we are talking about, here a small video showing how siril become powerful:

Wow, very interesting and informative video, thanks a lot!
What I was thinking was that, by left clicking on frame n.7 in the plot, one could have the possibility to visually inspect it (and possibly remove it) with a single click and no further windows open on screen.
But, as you said, with the frame list window open, one click and you’re set anyway :slight_smile:

Thank you!

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I’m with Piero on this, I think it would be nice to be able to display an image from the plot tab. Having to find the frame number in the plot tab and then looking for that number in the frame list (which may not be order by frame number anymore) is very clunky.

Also the ability to sort the frame list by Roundness Background etc would be very nice.

You know you have a search box?
Adding a way to open image in the list would be doublon, while the list dialog is very powerful

Well I do now :slight_smile: I’d still like to view directly from the plot window though.

And be careful. You only got these values if you apply PSF to sequence. Not in a standard use. Registration will only compute FWHM and roundness.

For me it is more convenient to work with the opened list. Because when you have more than 100 images, it will be unreadable in the plot.
I let you imagine that some users have more than 100 000 images in deep sky lucky imaging. So that would be very impossible and the list is the only way to do it.

I do apply PSF to the sequence just so I can see background etc. and because the list doesn’t allow sorting by this I have to go the plot tab to find the frame number of the suspect frame and then back to the list to select it and display it.

I appreciated that the list might be the only way to go for some users but adding the ability to click in the plot to display an image won’t affect those that prefer the list.

Just my opinion :slight_smile:

Good to know that some people use this function ;).

It’s not always easy to display the image we want from what we see in the graphs, it’s a lot of graphical operations (if the image list is behind the main window it’s worse, or opening it requires changing tab) and sometimes the pointer doesn’t display the image number too, especially after having excluded some images, I’m not sure why.