--fx_emulate_film missing

hello . i noticed that i don’t have the fx_emulate_film commands available.(gmic cli and gimp plugin)

what should i do to update that ?

running on KDE neon (ubuntu 18.04)
I’m using the ppa for gmic_gimp.(otto-kesselgulasch-ubuntu-gimp-bionic)
gmic version is 2.7.4 , gimp is GIMP_2_10_12-511-ga4f55d6c7e

Since 2.7.0, it has been replaced by command fx_simulate_film.

ok.got it.
what happened with
are they dispatched differently ?

They are in filter Colors / Color Presets.

time to rewrite all my scripts :((

fx_color_presets_preview 0,0,17,7,1,1,1,1,1,1,2,1,1,1,1,1,11,512,100,0,0,0,0,0,3,0,50,50,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0
for curiosity are these parameters documented somewhere ?
i think i understand the logic from the gimp plugin but what are all the last ones doing (after 50,50…)?
other thing : what’s the point of normalizing colors before/after/both.

great collage option!

The command is a multi-filter so may have argument unrelated to your task at hand. Normalize is to allow the image to take on the full range of the emulation.

thanks afre.can i find some infos somewhere about that.?

As usual, examine the stdlib: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/dtschump/gmic/master/src/gmic_stdlib.gmic. Contains the code. $ and ${...} indicate the arguments. Sorry, don’t have the time to explain further.

In general, I would suggest not to write custom script based on the use of the fx_* commands.
These commands are specifically done for the plug-in, and are are likely to change quite often, when the plug-in filters are updated.
This is not the case for other commands, whose API remains relatively stable over time.

If you want to apply CLUT on your images, then why not use the more simple command map_clut ?
It is very simple to use and does basically the same thing as fx_simulate_film and fx_color_presets, but without all the ‘decorations’ needed for the user interface of the plug-in.

well good advice.I had a script that does all the collage for me.maybe useless now.thanks

thanks.i’ll take the time to investigate.

This is free software, nobody is making you use the newest version. Go back to a version that works for your scripts.

i know.but i like to be cutting edge.especially with gmic. :slight_smile:

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Well if you want the bleeding edge, you have to be ready for change.

i am.i wasn’t complaining.gmic rules.

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If I remember correctly, @luluxXX doesn’t script in G’MIC. Several others on the forum are like that. I used to be one of them, until I dove in head first.

Maybe not G’MIC scripts directly, but bash script certainly.
And my recommendation is valid in this case as well.

well.i usually wraps everything i do with Perl scripts.and call gmic all over the place for all the image manipulation i need.
so i have a grading script that goes trough all the fx_simulate_film presets and do a collage with original and graded picture.very handy when you suck at color manipulations;
what i’m planning to do now is to stuff an array with all the clut_*.cimgz in my $HOME/.config/gmic directory and use map_clut.
thanks for all advices.luc