FZ330 automatic Profiled Lens Correction help

The Automatic Profiled Lens Correction is not picking up my Panasonic FZ330. I can manualy select Panasonic FZ300 from the list (same camera but different name) and the lens distortions are corrected. Is there anything I can do to have the lens picked up automatically?

Hi @dave180 and welcome!

Operating System?
Version of Rawtherapee?
What if you try the command lensfun-update-data?

It seems there is no FZ330 in last Lensfun DB.

in Lensfun DB, FZ300 is said to have same lens and sensor as FZ200
If you are sure, you could modify the file <RTinstalldir>/share/lensfun/compact-panasonic.xml


    <!-- Uses same lens and sensor as FZ200 -->

include following lines

    <!-- Uses same lens and sensor as FZ200 -->

Report if it works

Don’t forget to correct after reinstalling.

I don’t know where to file a lensfun bug report.


That worked, gaaned92. Thank you!

I’m using Windows 10 and Rawtherapee 5.5

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I’ve got another problem, it is with vignetting. The box for automatic vignetting correction is not checked and it is greyed out so I can not select it. I have tried to manually fix the vignetting but can not get satisfactory results. Is there a way to allow automatic vignetting correction for my camera?

It is grayed when there is no data available for correction.

Other possibilities:

Simplest way to extract a LCP (or a DCP)

  • download Adobe DNG converter
  • change the suffix from .exe to .zip
  • unzip preferably with 7-zip
  • lcp are located in \DNGConverter_11_2_1.zip$APPDATA\Adobe\CameraRaw\LensProfiles\1.0\

Thank you. You are correct, according to the Lensfun database there is no vignetting correction available yet for my camera.
I have looked at the Adobe DNG Converter, there is no LCP for my lens there either. It appears the lens correction data is in the DCP. Is there any way to use lens correction data from a DCP in Rawtherapee?
Sorry for the late reply.