G`MIC replace for the 8bf Perfectum filter

(Dendenis Kushnirenko) #1

Hi all!
Ive lost in GMIC filter variations so need advice.
Im trying to move my Photoshop workflow to Krita. Need to replace a few filters. But for this one cant find. In which section it`s supposed to be? It mean denoise and smudge function.


Hello Dendenis,

You can try the “Sharp abstract” filter:

G’MIC>Artistic>Sharp abstract

Maybe you can also play with “Smooth [bilateral]” and “Smooth [anisotropic]”

G’MIC>Repair> Smooth [bilateral] and
G’MIC>Repair>Smooth [anisotropic]

Also a testing filter from Garagecoder “Unquantize [jpeg smooth]”:
G’MIC>Testing>Garagecoder>Unquantize [jpeg smooth]

Edit: After some playing, I think the “Smooth [anisotropic]” is the filter that gives most similar results.

another edit: “Smooth [mean-curvature]” filter can also be a solution, it is “simpler” than “Smooth [anisotropic]” (less sliders):
G’MIC>Repair>Smooth [mean-curvature]

(Dendenis Kushnirenko) #3

Thank you for your time iarga.

I liked Garagecoder filter but it`s not strong enough for me even on maxi tune.

Smooth [anisotropic] fits my needs.

But I have not seen Sharp abstract in my GMIC for Krita . GMICSearch didn`t help.

So much stuff it has… a day is not enough.

(David Tschumperlé) #4

Indeed, the Krita version of the plug-in is too old, and doesn’t contain the Sharp abstract filter (as many others!).

(Dendenis Kushnirenko) #5

Is there some restrictions to ship latest Krita with latest GMIC? I mean they doesnt use generic G`MIC?

(Mica) #6

I’m sure there is no restriction from the gmic side, the krita team need only update their source.