Gain value in FITS header of the stacked images


When looking at the FITS header data after processing an OSC dataset in Siril, the value of the gain of the result file does not match with the value used during the imaging. Is Siril doing some 'magic’to come up with this value? In this particular case the gain setting during the imaging was 200 but the gain setting in the result.fits file was 550. Does anyone have a clue where this is coming from?

Thanks and regards, Bart

Hello, what about the values in the raw images?

Siril does not modify this value.
As Vincent says, please check your original data in raw files


You are correct. The gain settings of the darks, biases and flats was set to 200 however the gain for the lights was set to 550. Mystery solved.

Did I already stress that SiriL is an amazing tool? Thanks for all the work done to it!

Best regards, Bart