GDK minimum required version macro - issue building Darktable

Hey, all.

I’ve been trying to build Darktable’s master branch on Linux, but am running into an issue:

It seems that the issue is with the GDK_VERSION_MIN_REQUIRED macro not being set properly. I’ve tried small modifications to some of the cmake files to make sure that the macro is set to a valid value, but I’m not very experienced with cmake or building software from source, and nothing seems to work completely.

Does anybody have any experience dealing with something like this? Thanks!

Operating system?

I’m working on a remote computer cluster, so I don’t have sudo access, unfortunately.


What is the version of GTK3 in this distro release? If the version is less than 3.24.15, you will not be able to build darktable.

some enterprise linux 8.8 sounds like centos and therefor really old gtk.

Hm. This might be the case. I was previously able to build a stable release of Darktable a few months ago, so I know that the system gtk can’t be that old. That being said, I doubt it’s a recent as 3.24.15…

Just checked- the cluster has 3.22. Good call!