Generate thumbnails autmatically

Hi everybody and in particular agriggio. I have bee using ART for a while now and it is really amazing. Love the photography and ART supports my worklfow very efficient. I shoot only raw file (DNG) and the results of PP with ART is really excellent.
I’ll do a git pull every now and then and compile it locally on my computer with no issues. I’m running Fedora Rawhide (mostly stable) and it all works like a charm.
So, first question: After a while and after a random git pull ART looses all generated thumbnails. Jumping into the DNG-directories requires some time to generate the thumbnails by the GUI again. Since I have around 70.000 photos in the meantime I am looking for a workaround. Is there any option to generate the thumbnails automatically? Perhaps with ART-cli?

When you run ART the first time and browse a folder, it creates a ~/.cache/ART[-suffix]/images folder in which the thumbnails are stored.
My guess is that either each time you compile ART its suffix gets changed (set by -DCACHE_NAME_SUFFIX in the cmake command) , in which case you may end up with multiple unused cache folders, or each time you delete the cache and loose the thumbnails.

Another possibility is that you are simply running out of cache space… If so, you can try increasing it:

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Thanks, I’ll increase the number of cache entries. Probably the cache got an overkill;) with more than 20000 entries

The cmake command looks like this and is always like that:

Increasing the number of cache entries didn’t solve the problem, unfortunately. But I found a work-around how to avoid the re-generating of thumbnails- to whom it may concerns:
Since I have 4k monitor I set the maximum thumbnail height to 350 in RT and when I started to use ART . That was fine for a while but since a while it produces a lot of time of re-loading the thumbnails (see my opening post).
Reducing the height to the default value of 250 solves the problem.