[gentoo-dev] Last rites: media-gfx/gmic

Sorry to bear sad tidings:

Back story: Last rites: media-gfx/gmic

Though I am an avid Gentoo user, this rite of passage slipped my attention. Mainly because I build and deploy G’MIC directly from GitHub and haven’t used Gentoo’s Portage system for that purpose for some time. This morning it caught my eye as I was reading old emerge-news postings, looking for something entirely different.

This does not mean that media-gfx/gmic can no longer be obtained by Gentoo users of Portage. It still lives on in overlay repositories such as Zugaina.org. It’s departure is from the main line gentoo repository.

Take the last-rite reasons for what they are worth; the deeper reason, methinks, is that there are not enough Gentoo maintainers to carry the current package load. This seems to me to mainly be a triage exercise. Marek Szuba, the former maintainer, is currently carrying 188 packages. And he has a day job.

Perhaps, as an immediate action item, remove the dead link. Maybe, in some roseate future, I could offer Gentoo proxy-maintainer services, but I’d have to get up to speed on writing Gentoo ebuild scripts.

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