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I am playing around with the metadata features of Wordpress Media Library Assistant and therefore I am diving into the topics metadata and geotagging. WPMLA can automatically extract and display such info on a website.

Now I have figured out how to add gps data to photos (latitude/longitude) in darktable and digikam. It would be nice to automatically convert gps data into something that most people understand, e.g. Hallstatt, Austria or Teide National Park, Tenerife, Spain, and save this info as some kind of meta data that WPMLA can extract. I mean displaying the pure GPS coordinates on the website is better than nothing, but writing the actual country and city into the title of the pic would be much better.

Does anybody here know if this is possible?

Thanks in advance



under Windows there is a program, named Geosetter that can do something similar …
The program is rarely updated, but it works quite well, as it uses “exiftool.exe” as its background engine for metadata manipulation …
It is worth noting that an updated (but for all intents and purposes stable) beta version exists, but requires some searching around the website …

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Hi Anna,

GeoSetter uses


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Ah, I’ve just seen that digiKam has the feature “reverse geocoding”.

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Geotoolbox lua for darktable can do half it, reverse geocode the coordinates into state>county>city, but it’d be nice if it also wrote it to a hierarchical tag.

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Ok I just tried it but I am not sure what it does. Where can I see the name of the location after I clicked on “reverse geocode”?

It pops up in a toast message if its successful. Try running with -d lua from the CLI to see what is happening.

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Anna, I do it the other way round:

I skip adding lat|long data to images and just tag with a hierarchical keyword structure in darktable. Upon export this gets written to the appropriate iptc geolocation fields which most apps can work with. darktable needs a little workaround because it does not support iptc geo directly.

This would be my tag for “Hallstatt”, set as a category, which are set to not export.


To my darktablerc I have added the following lines. In the GUI they can be found in the “preferences” of the “export” tool - good for testing but cumbersome and error prone.


The advantage of tagging with words instead of numbers from a GPS:

  • Privacy. A photo with timestamp and numeric geolocation is a very precise data point - do you really want to share that with the world for more than a single picture?
  • You get to decide the granularity - GPS numbers are always pinpoint precise, there is no vague “in this area” setting. This can create problems with perceived quality of the data.
  • Tagging a group of images is easy
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