German Article about darktable (behind paywall)


Was this related to @betazoid’s ct article in some way?

First name of the author is Anna :wink: .


I just want to make clear that the editors are stubborn and wanted to write darktable with a capital D. I explaned them but it was pointless.


hah… i think i kindof gave up on pushing this capitals issue everywhere :slight_smile:

i liked the article. i thought it was really nice to have such a long feature there too. if i had to nit pick: one of the comparison pictures with clouds came out a bit flat in print, was hard to tell the difference.

In my copy the picture where the darkroom is described with the open landscape has a magenta cast. Either I made the draft for it on an uncalibrated screen or they re-did it and messed it up. But in the pdf there is no magenta cast.
However, I think it is difficult to print any color photograph well on that low end paper.