German translation

i have tried to supply an update of the german translations like discribed in “contributing” on gitlab.
I have forked the project, added a branch in my fork and committed my change there.
I am not familiar with gitlab but i have problems doing the merge request. It keeps telling me problems with the pipeline deps-win64 because a command crossroad is not found. The problem seems to be here:

crossroad w64 siril --run="build/windows/crossbuild-gitlab-ci/
/usr/bin/bash: line 167: crossroad: command not found

I do not know if the merge request can be seen in the original repo - i fear it is not.

Is there any other way to send in my “de.po” file? I have added all the missing german translations, added some missing stuff to other translations and did some minor improvements to the translations.

Ciao, Udo

I have added the file to my google drive:

Maybe someone can have a look into the file and merge it to the master branch?

Ciao, Udo

Don’t worry with the CI issue. It is very common.

I’ve seen your MR. Many thanks. I will review it tonight.