Get Advanced Search to search sub-albums

How do I get Advanced Search to search in an Album AND the albums under it? I have a albums for each year and it contains albums for each day. When I search in, for example, the 2020 album it doesn’t look in any of the albums for the days under it.

The way around this is I search for “The album name contains”2020, but having to do this doesn’t make any sense to me. Also, if any length of time has passed since I’ve tried to search for something, and then when I forget digiKam doesn’t search subfolders like every other search engine on my computer, I have to relearn it.

Can you use the context menu? Right-click on the top album (e.g. 2020) and then choose Select > Children to select all albums beneath it.

Thank you very much.

I have to tell you this is a digKam quirk because literally every other search engine I use, whether it is a dedicated Windows global search engine or a specialized search engine inside a program like Word, knows to search subfolders automatically. And a few weeks or months from now when I search again, I hope I remember what you taught me.

I don’t use complicated search options that often either. If it’s something I’ll use often, I’ll save the search. This might be a silly recommendation, but maybe you could take a screenshot of the window showing the context menu, and save the image at the top level of your album tree. That way you’d have it handy as a reference.

Thank you I sometimes do stuff like that.

I’m now doing an experiment to see what a saved search remembers. Does a saved search remember I want to search all subfolders or does it only remember the ones it selected when I used the Select > Children option. I have saved searches like 2020 No Tags.

I ran my experiment and NO it only remembers the folders it searched when it was saved and I’m back to using Album Names to get reliable results.

Not sure if this will work for you either, but I do have some date-related saved searches by year. For those I use the image create date between Jan 1 YYYY - Dec 31 YYYY and search All Albums.