Get Natron install folder

Is Natron’s exe install folder stored in an env. variable or something ?
Didn’t find anything about that.
Problem occurs when trying to run Natron or NatronRenderer using python.
One need to know where it’s located.

Natron does not store any information regarding where it’s installed as far as I know.

Launching applications on Windows has always been a problem since applications usually are not in PATH. You could assume that Natron is installed in Program Files/INRIA/Natron-* and adapt to that, you could also have the python plugin/file located somewhere in the Natron installation folder and use os.path on __file__ to find out where you are and adapt to that.

Natron could log the installation folder to Natron.conf on startup/shutdown or something similar(?).

Why not simply adding Natron install folder to PATH env. variable at install time ?

Natron includes third-party applications and libraries that will probably break other things, so that’s not recommended.

import sys

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I saw you added a new Faq entry to the doc.
I’m planning to add a Tutorial one at the same tree level.
Would it be ok for you ?

Yes, developers tutorials are welcome! You can create a “Tutorials” section in the Developers guide, just like in the Users guide

For each question you have, when you find an answer, you should also check if the answer needs to be added to the documentation, the FAQ, or the tutorials.

OK, i’ll see if the question is important enough to get an entry in the doc.
Thanks a lot.

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