Get the curves difference between 2 images like " Get Curves " Plugin does ?


Wow that was fast and it seems to do the job well, I took a few similar pics and tried it :

Original pic :

Source :

Quickly modified in Gimp :

Then using your Plugin to get the haldclut and applying the Clut on the 1st pic :

Now let’s try on similar images, original :

source :

Now with the clut generated from the plugin :

And a last one :

Source :

With the haldclut applied :

Looks very good !

Between the modified pic and the one resulting in the Clut applied on the original picture there is only a very light difference, very subtle but noticeable when you switch a few times from one pic to the other.

I used 100% for the setting “Influence of the color sample” not sure how much it can change with the different %'s, also used the 512x512 haldclut, need to try with the 4096px one, i’ll have to try more but overall it’s more than i expected, it’s marvelous :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for this.


Magnifique, big thanks.