Get the curves difference between 2 images like " Get Curves " Plugin does ?


Hello all,

Since the release of the 2.10 version of Gimp there is a few old plugins not working anymore and for one in particular i’m wondering if G’MIC is already able to do more or less the same thing or maybe it could be an idea/suggestion for a future plugin.

The plugin is " Get Curves Plugin " by elsamuko that we can find here :

To make it short we used 2 layers and got a curve being the difference of the 2 layers, this was allowing to then use this obtained curve on other images ( or in the original one ) to apply the same modifications using the curve obtained, a very useful plugin.

Now since the release of Gimp 2.10 this plugin doesn’t work anymore sadly and i doubt this very old tool will ever be updated so I’m wondering if G’mic is able to do something similar, might already be the case as there is so much plugins that it’s hard to know about all the possibilities offered by this fantastic tool.

PS : I tried things like color transfers and generating a HaldClut to then apply it using the " User-defined " filter but the results are not satisfying, the colors obtained don’t match…

With Gimp 2.8 and the “Get-Curves” plugin it was really easy and quick to do this, having 2 pics , one “original” the other being modified, a quick launch of the plugin and we were getting a curve for the differences in the 2 pictures that was saved and able to be applied on other pictures, not sure now that this plugin doesn’t work how i can achieve the same :confused:

Thanks in advance for the help.