get this label effect

Hi, I wanted to get this effect on the label (the one circled): screenshot

In which software?

in gimp 2.10.22

did a search for a brushstroke here
[brushstroke line at DuckDuckGo]

that should get you started

I found this.

To my knowledge, PS Brushes can be used in Gimp.

Download the markers from that page and it is an .abr file. How can I import them into gimp?

See if this works. I have never tried it.

Those lines work for me. But I have to change the color to blue. And when I try to change it with the fill tool, select whatever color I select it always makes it green.

Perhaps this.

do you have color management turned on?

yes, it was that. I setted the image mode to rgb and now it works. Thank you.