Getting a 3D Space in Natron - Matte Paintings

(Campbell) #1

Hi everyone,
I am aware there is a shortage of developers for Natron (and I’m unfortunately not able to assist there) but I was wondering if there is any indication of new developments for Natron, thinking specifically of 3D space compositing with Cards like After Effects or Nuke.

I have seen some of the Card3D tutuorials but I as yet have not been able to get my head around how I would accomplish a matte painting with Card3D nodes in Natron and therefore my question about a proper 3D space in Natron.

Any Ideas?

(Meng-Han Ho) #2

On the old website, it said that 3d space is a something they will implement at 3.0
So, you don’t get 3d space in Natron now. You can sort of get it by using Card3D. The best way for now is probably setup all your scene in other 3d software and export your camera and cards to chan file.

(Chris Tempel) #3

Are you talking about a matte painting where you’re adding to the background? That’s super easy with Card3D and I have a tutorial on using that node here.

Although you could probably just get away with a 2D track at that point if it’s going to be in the background.

If you’re talking about projecting a matte painting onto geo, you can do this in Blender and then composite in Natron. I have a video showing this for rig removal here

(Campbell) #4

Many thanks El_Director, I have already watched your Card3D video and the other video , but thought since I haven’t been active in a Natron specific forum I would enquire about a 3D workspace specifically. I’ll eagerly look forward to Natron 3.0 then.

I am a fairly seasoned Blender user and before that 3DSMAX and MAYA but although I like Blenders projection mapping, I like Natron’s compositing connections more than Blender’s at this point.
Bring on Natron 3.0!!


Hey El Director, just wanted to say I’m a big fan of your VFX tutes over on YTube. I’ve learned a lot. Looking forward to more!

(Chris Tempel) #6

Thanks! I hope to do some more soon