Getting back darktable styles

I had created a style based on my experiments couple of releases back. Style does work to my expectations. However, then new releases of darktable came along. Now few of modules are showing legacy selection.

I want to recreate new style with rest of my modules with same settings and just change the legacy modules to use new parameters.

However during my limited search I could not figure out a way to find what settings were used in each module. I tried exporting style and inspected the generated xml file. That is also not entirely human readable unless you are well versed with various parameters.

What will be the best way to see what I changed for each module and recreate new style.

Make a duplicate of an existing image, clear the history stack, then apply your style. Go to the darkroom and inspect which modules are enabled.

You can modify those parameters and/or enable other modules then save those as a new style.