Getting FITS Error: BITPIX keyword 0 illegal value

08:35:47: Up-scaling sequence for stacking: processing…
08:35:47: FITS error: Illegal value for BITPIX keyword: 0
08:35:47: Sequence processing failed.
08:37:05: Unknown command: ‘bitfix’ or not

This is after sequencing an AVI file, then of course when I try to restack it wont because it has already created a file.

Any idea what this is and how to fix it?

Hello. The support of AVI films is not really active in siril.
We encourage you to use SER instead.

I will take a look at the code but I can’t promise anything. Did you use Siril 0.9.12 or Siril dev?

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Thank you for your reply - 0.9.12 and I believe it only happens when I select an area and check the drizzle box

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ok, thanks for the report. If you convert your avi in SER (conversion tab, load the avi, write a sequence name ending with .ser) that should be fine.

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I will try!

Let us know please

This worked! Now if I could figure out how to process planet data :slight_smile:

Maybe we could allow films to be taken as input, but automatically convert to SER if the output is a sequence?


That probably would be the best option indeed.

I’ve fixed the issue in master.

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