Getting Hugin to run on Slackware Current


I’m again struggling with installation of my photo editing arch enemy “hugin”. Up until very recently I could get it to work by setting the LANG=“C” environment variable before starting, but now I have no clue how to get it up and running.

As it seems hugin has an issue with my freetype2 library, and this is quite weird. If I use the Appimage version I get

tmp/.mount_Hugin_QKyh33/usr/bin/hugin “”
/tmp/.mount_Hugin_QKyh33/usr/bin/hugin: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib64/ undefined symbol: hb_ot_tags_from_script_and_language

and If i then compile it myself, which works without any issues, I get the exactly identical error. And This really puzzles me, as the exported symbols of the library should be known on linking time to the program…

Any Ideas?

I’m running on Slackware Current…

Not sure if this is the case here but I have read about this error and the cause seems to be freetype2 2.11. Admittedly these where not Hugin related, error is exactly the same though.

If you have that version installed have you tried downgrading to 2.10.X?

Did a little digging and this steam related one talks about it:

Anyway, hope this gets you going again.

Thank’s a lot, that’s an interesting find!

yes, it is freetype 2.11… let’s see what happens…

The best place for hugin problems is here: