Getting only an Unconfirmed CRD Download file for 4.8

Not getting a typical DT download from the DT website using the Windows link. Can’t do anything with it. Any help?

I presume this is the website you are using?


From my end everything looks fine with the download site. Can you post a screenshot showing what problem you are getting. You should just get an exe file that you can install from.


When I click on it, I get a ‘choose an ap to open this’ window.

The download description looks like this:


I’ve clicked on that and tried to accept it as safe, all it does is report to MS.

I got it.

When I hovered over the download warning, I got a delete and 3 dots choice. Clicked on the 3 dots and got another warning, asked if I trust the site. There was a link to ‘keep anyway’. Once I clicked that, the icon changed to the standard DT logo and I was able to download. Looks like some security setting on my computer, have never seen it before.

Thanks for your help!

You usually see that when the download is not completed… you will see that in your download directory during a long download and then on completion it shows the correct file name …is there a chance your internet is slow at the moment…

Thanks, no, I downloaded it several times and was back and forth doing other things in the meantime. I had no fewer than 6 downloads at one point, all identical. It changed immediately when I did as described in the post above yours.

I also updated Affinity and DXO Deep Prime at the same time, no issues.

crdownload is what Chrome and other Chromium-based browsers, such as Edge, call the temporary files they create while downloading from the Internet.