Getting ready for 1.3


a quick update on ART. Apart from a couple of open bugs that still need some investigation, there are enough changes in master that it’s about time for a new release (version 1.3). I don’t know yet when it will happen, but I expect no more than a few weeks. So, here’s a quick recap of the new features that it will have (in no particular order):

  • new “spot removal” tool (borrowed from RT and tweaked)

  • film negative now works also on non-raw files. (also borrowed from RT)

  • improved metadata editor (now it’s possible to select which tags to include on export)

  • improved inspector mode (now it has a “split view” functionality, that should be useful for pixel peepers)

  • new channel mixer mode “RGB primaries”, similar (in spirit) to Lightroom’s camera calibration tool

  • new texture boost implementation

  • star ratings are now picked up (also) from Exif metadata


Hi agriggio,

Thanks a lot, you make a really good job with ART.

Thanks a LOT!!! you are great Alberto! :wink:

Great work, Alberto! ART has became my favorite editor - fast, simple, great results.

Just compiled the latest commit on Linux. I couldn’t make it crash or misbehave.
I’m really beginning to like ART, I can easily get better results using it than I can with Canon DPP 4.x, and it’s faster too.
I have not compiled ART on Windows yet, still using the 1.2 build there.
I have also tried RT in the past but found it too cumbersome to master.
A big thanks for your excellent work!

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Thank you @agriggio and co’ !! :heart_eyes: :+1: