Getting started in fine art photography

Is anyone here selling fine art prints? How did you get started?

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Hi! Yes I actually run an artwork and photo printing shop :slight_smile:

Several years ago I noticed all of my artist friends had terrible art prints. I had a decent camera (Sony NEX-3) and decided to see if I could get better photos of their work and get them printed to get better prints.

Well, several years later I’ve digitized over 10,000 artworks and work with hundreds of artists and photographers and teach classes in artwork reproduction, and art and photo printing.

My shop is:


Not yet, but I attended a pretty good workshop on exhibiting fine art photography recently (which is not to say that exhibiting is your only option for selling of course) and while a lot of the advice was tailored quite specifically to the city I live in, the basic idea for getting your foot in the door and your name out there was simply to leverage the major local arts festival - and I imagine (or hope at least) that something similar would exist on some scale in most major cities.

Assuming we can take your photography project’s raison d’être and quality as read, the major legwork is in identifying local venues that have supported similar work in the past (ideally completely or at least partly in kind), and then organising and promoting your opening night.

This is more about getting your artwork seen and hopefully appreciated more than a business model for making your first million of course, but you never know. Your approach will have to reflect your art at the end of the day.