Getting twice as many photo download attempts as I expect.

Right away let me say that this is not a problem caused by RPD - that’s just the most obvious place it appears.

When I use RPD to ingest images off an SD card it always shows each image twice and reports that 50% of the downloads fail. This is obviously some anomaly in the way I have set up my Mint 20 system, because RawTherapee also has a slight problem. If I can figure out how to do it, I will attach a screen shot of Rawtherapee’s opening display. In the ‘File Browser’ window, in the top left hard corner of the opening screen, you can see that my User name, in the home directory, is displayed twice.

Anybody got any idea of what I have done wrong here?

Screenshot from 2020-12-26 09-55-19|411x383

I need to see the program’s log files if I am to determine what is happening. Follow these instructions: Rapid Photo Downloader: Documentation

But instead of opening a bug report, attach the tar file to your here in this discussion forum.

Thanks for offering to advise me this user error. The .tar is attached, but renamed because will not allow me to upload a file of type tar. Just rename it back by removing the ‘.zip’ append to the filename. (360 KB)

Turn off downloading from This Computer by setting the switch control to off. There are instructions here: Rapid Photo Downloader: Documentation

Probably I should turn off the ability to download from This Computer and Devices simultaneously. For almost all users, it should be one or the other.

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Such a simple and totally effective correction to my use of your impressive application. Thank you.

It now seems like a silly mistake to have made, but the reasoning in my brain was that I wanted to access all possible source, not realising that ‘computer’ included ‘disk’ in my case.