GIMP 2.10.0 Release Candidate 1 Available

(Morgan Hardwood) #22

Lucky for us @thcfreak666 you’re reporting all the bugs in the right place with the required info.

(Alex Prokoudine) #24

You can´t move a single selected object without move the whole layer.

It’s Ctrl+Alt+Drag as usual, then Shift+Ctrl+N to move floating selection to its own layer. Nothing changed.

The “N-Piont deformationtool” is missing too. You have promised that the n-point deformation tool will be available in Gimp 2.10.

No, we specifically said that it will only be available if it’s completed. I personally wrote that in all public channels.

With Gimp 2.10 you have failed again and again since 2.9.6! R.I.P Gimp?

Have we? Good!


Hi @thcfreak666,

as @patdavid had mentioned the command “–show-playground” I tried it with Partha’s portable build for Windows (W10 in my case). Adding it in a shortcut for “portgimp-2.10-std.exe” enabled the playground. I have checked the n-point tool there and it seems to work correctly.

Best regards!

(Carmelo Dr Raw) #26

Sorry to be more direct than usually, but that’s exactly the kind of comment which drives any FOSS developer positively crazy!
Please be positive, propose solutions or, even better, put your hands in the code and contribute if you have the necessary skills.

GIMP is free and developed for free, so, like any FOSS project, it is never a failure by definition.

You cannot exige anything out of it, because you got it for free. And even if you contributed financially to the project in one way or another, this does not represent an engagement for the developers to provide whatever functionality.

A This is a message to all the unhappy users of FLOSS software out here: please stop blaming the developers, and instead be supportive and helpful.
If you are using any of the FOSS tools, it is most likely because you like the philosophy behind open-source software and/or you find it useful, not because anyone has forced you to do so. You have the power to make it even better, so USE IT!!!

– end of my post-Easter rant –

(Stefan Schmitz) #27

First and foremost: the stable version of Gimp is 2.8.22 (?). 2.9.6 is a developer or “experimental” version and therefore bugs are part of the deal. Anything with an odd number in the second rank is prone to problems. If you can’t stand the heat, get away from the fire.

Windows 7 is an epic fail with annoying bugs. I know what I talk about, because I have to use a business-notebook with Win7, issued by my employer. The moment I get home and switch my Linux notebook on is always a moment of relief. If any property or feature of any open-source solution doesn’t fit your needs, you are free to look for an alternative solution or contribute.

I fully understand that not everybody can code. Neither is everybody a good car-mechanic or teacher or whatever. You may be one of those people who are good at bookkeeping or work in social services, but you simply never learned to code. OK. Others do that very well and they present the progress of their work in the developer-snapshots like 2.9.5 and so on.

Now you play around with these unfinished “work in progress” program-versions, rant about how and what should be done, but after all: this isn’t for you. You don’t even get your bug-reports correctly filed to the board.

If what you want to say isn’t more beautiful than the silence that surrounds us: don’t say it. Wait for 2.10. If you want to swing-over to a different, maybe even a commercial program: do it - and please don’t forget to claim access to their “work in progress” nightly-builds. I’d like to hear how that went.

I am always astonished how many Germans are here - we might be the #1 nation on this BBS.

(Alex Prokoudine) #30

Ctrl+Alt+drag don´t work proper. The picture jumps from one point to other. Useless.

Windows 7, GIMP 2.10 rc1 from here. Works just fine.


/me dries tears of nostalgia

(Stefan Schmitz) #32

yep houz, I’m old …

(Ingo Weyrich) #33



From what I understand, you want to drag around selected pixels with Ctrl+Alt (which creates a floating selection) to a new position. Please correct me if I am wrong. I am using Partha’s 2.10 Windows build, btw.

I can confirm that the selected pixels snap erratically(?) when you drag them while pressing Ctrl+Alt (the Ctrl key seems to be the culprit and I don’t know if this is some kind of feature).

But you don’t have to press Ctrl+Alt all the time, just press them and the left mouse button to start the process. After that you can release Ctrl+Alt and drag the selected pixels around without any snapping happening. You can even release the mouse button and start to drag again by clicking into the selection. And you can move the selected area with the arrow keys pixel by pixel.

(Colin Pittendrigh) #36

I’m using this on a ten year old Dell Quad Core box with a lot of memory.

The software in general is an order of magnitude slower but also a lot better. The gaussian blur function is just that–slower but better. Much better.

I like it. However the default dark theme does need work. On various sliders it’s hard for old guys with bad eyesight to find the arrows to click on…colors->threshold for instance. I’ll have to try downloading a lighter theme somehow. From somewhere.


Have you checked available themes under Edit->Preferences? With Partha’s portable Windows build I can select seven different themes there:

System (Windows)

You can also change icon themes.

(Alex Prokoudine) #38

It’s a very specific kind of feature. Ctrl enables snapping to 45 degree angles (horizontal, vertical, diagonal).

(Alex Prokoudine) #39

Try downloading it from Edit > Preferences > Interface > Themes :wink:

drc is working on a new dark icon theme for 2.10.

(Colin Pittendrigh) #41

Thank you. I’ve been gimp for over a decade and somehow overlooked Themes. Now I need to track down font color. The menu bar (even in the lighter themes) seems to have font color equal to background color. I can find the various menus by hovering over appropriate places in the top menu bar, but I had to know they would be there, because, in all themes they don’t show up. That sounds like a default configuration glitch.

(Alex Prokoudine) #42

The N-Point Deformation tool is very slow for now but it works. I´dont know why this happen. i have tryed multicore support, but it don´t affect the performance. Even OPENCL does not make any difference.

As mentioned earlier in this thread (and quite a few times in other communication channels), this tool was never completed. It doesn’t support multithreading. Nor does it use OpenCL. There are no plans to complete it for 2.10.

(Alex Prokoudine) #43

I can find the various menus by hovering over appropriate places in the top menu bar, but I had to know they would be there, because, in all themes they don’t show up.

What’s your operating system? And if it’s Linux, what GTK+ theme do you use?

(Alex Prokoudine) #45

Why it will never be complete?

For some inexplicable reason you understand “not in 2.10” as “never”. You are wrong.

(Colin Pittendrigh) #46

I’m using what ever the latest Cinnamon Mint Linux is. I can never remember the names.

I tried sudo editing /usr/share/gimp/2.0/themes/02-Gray/gtkrc

color[“clr2”] = “#000000” <== changed to black from 222222

fg[NORMAL] = @clr2

Hmm. Perhaps I’ll change them all to clr2 = magenta for debugging. I thought I used 02-Gray/gtkrc
The only .gimp I have in my home directory is .gimp-2.8

(Alex Prokoudine) #47

I’m using what ever the latest Cinnamon Mint Linux is.

I’m asking, because the current theme is known to have issues, and we’d like to test the new one before using it in a stable release. OK, latest Mint it is, then. Duly noted :slight_smile: