gimp 2.10.14 just crashed on me!

Well I’m totally bummed…and am hoping that maybe it was a fluke…or possibly related to a very recent windows upgrade (real possibility)…at least it was a new image…

Do you have a crash log that you can share?

I’ve been trying to locate it, but currently, I’m not sure where it is…! (I was just checking to see if I could paste it on…no luck)

Try this:

1 - Open command line (CMD)
2 - cd \users\(your username)\desktop
3 - gimp --verbose > gimp-crash-log.txt

At this point, we hope that it wil have crashed again, so look for the file you’ve just created on your desktop gimp-crash-log.txt. That can be considered a crash log (I guess)

If it didn’t crashed this time, then proceed with what you were trying to accomplish until you get the crash.

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Is this a new install of GIMP (from the GIMP website)?
I think you said you had a new hard drive installed recently and possibly updated your operating system? It might be a good idea to clean things up a bit. Maybe un-install GIMP completely from your system first, and then re-install. This might help clear up any odd lingering things from a previous install or an old hard drive path that might not be there any more…

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