GIMP 2.10.14 update 2

Noticed this at Betanews site but when I checked, I didn’t see anything about it. Anyone here know why they pushed it out as update 2 rather than go to 2.10.16? Even so, does anyone know what buggies might have been patched (i.e., is it worth it for me to install this one or not)? :slight_smile:

They usually do this kind of updates if there are no updates in the Gimp code but in the installer or new versions of the external libraries.

Is this reliable link? Why is not on official page ?

I’ve been watching/perusing Betanews for well over a decade, hover so that site can be trusted. Still; surprised that the official GIMP site doesn’t even have a squeak about this. :slight_smile:

OK; had also started a parallel thread at GIMPChat and indeed, Rich pointed out the reason for the update. I also checked and they still haven’t recognized this update even though if you hover your mouse over the download executable, it is indeed 2.10.14 update 2. lol

See thread below for GIMPChat thread (and maybe some colorful spiel on my part too; lol). :slight_smile:

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