Gimp 2.10.18 brush engine

Is there any setting I can change in Gimp to de-activate the mip-mapping of the brush tips? I think since 2.10.16 the brush engine mip-maps the brush tips, causing hot pixels in edges with transparency.

It isn’t just hot pixels, it is any transparencies around edges that get artifacts. In this case there is a strange dark edge around the brush:

The ability to use color bitmap brushes, and especially animated brushes, is a huge advantage Gimp has over Photoshop. This is mostly a problem with smaller brushes. I can’t say 100% certain it is the mipmapping that is causing it, but it seems that below a certain size, maybe 64 pixels, then mipmapping has no use, and in cases of small brushes, mipmapping should not be used.

You should open an bug report here:

Yeah I have tried that in the past. I cannot create an account. This time I get an ‘Internal Server Error’ or something. I am hoping someone here that can do something about it can see it.

Ok I have an account, but I cannot sign in because my credentials are bad? What? What does that mean? Is there a manual somewhere for the bug reporting system? Or better yet, can someone please report this for me? Go ahead and please use the screenshots here. I don’t understand the bug reporting system, but I understand that there is some bug here.

Make sure you don’t use LDAP but “Standard” for the login.

EDIT…Ok I got it working. A Gnome account is not enough. A Gitlab account will allow me to log on!