gimp 2.10.22 has been downloaded...but something funky is going on...

Okay, so, as title says, GIMP 2.10.22 has been downloaded (actually, twice). And is working fine so far - what I don’t understand is why, when I go to look “under the hood” (This PC\Local Disc(C)\Program Files\GIMP2\32\lib\gtk-20\2.10.0\engines) all I see is a gimp icon with a file version of (size 844 mg). Why is this not a icon?

very confused here…! The following image is showing that the same thing is happening in the app-data files. I have Win10, and its 64bit. And at the same time, I am given a icon to open GIMP with…?

My apologies, I’m kind of tired…I do not want my main post removed. I pushed the trash icon by accident.

I would bet, that someone forgot to increase this file version information. @Jehan, do you know where this comes from?

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When uploading gimp the 2nd time, I made sure to customize it and uploaded GIMP from the top.

I have no idea where this tooltip text comes from. Maybe some text within the installer?

do you want me to upload all my pc info? Wasn’t there a link somewhere for this?

@Jehan If you are asking about @lizardbreath’s screenshot, the tool tip comes from hovering over the GIMP icon, which shows Properties → Details of gimp-2.10.exe.

@lizardbreath If you launch GIMP, is the version info wrong as well (Help → About GIMP)?

hello afre,

no, I’m downloading Gimp directly…

…and I’m sorry over the confusion over the tooltips - I was just trying to show all info available.

Trying it now…

? you mean try running GIMP ? …oh I see, you’re trying the download in win10.

Works for me. I took some extra steps that may solve your problem:

1 Downloaded GIMP using the orange button in your screenshot.
2 Uninstalled the previous version via Settings → Apps.
3 Restarted Windows.
4 Deleted previous folder (GIMP 2).
5 Ran installation.


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wow, intense re-do…okay, will do! I just downloaded Filmulator and it’s downloading all my photos at the moment, but as soon as that’s done (which is gonna take a little bit, lol). I will follow the steps accordingly.

I’m even going to delete the previous download.

Hey afre, question:

don’t I need to re-make a new folder renamed GIMP 2 before running new installation?

well it seemed obvious, so I did it.

well, hey, I think it worked! Yay! Thanks afre!! :ok_hand:

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