Gimp 2.10.34 and gmic plugin

@ David Tschumperlé

Maybe you can check this out, seems to be a re-occurence of missing files in the latest Windows Gimp 2.10.34 - version 3 dated 13 August.

Using the gimp_gmic_qt 3.2.6 Windows installer gives errors for missing files libicuin72.dll and libpcre2-16-0.dll there is a bit qbout it here. Where is G'MIC?

Is it gmic or is it for the Gimp dev’s ?

Thanks for reporting James.

Probably both :slight_smile:
In G’MIC, I try to make packages that embeds the less possible DLLs.
But this minimal number can change, when a new GIMP version is released. That’s probably what happened here, with these two DLLs not shipped with GIMP anymore.
I’ll add them to the G’MIC package then.

Should be fixed now.